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Ontario Correspondents' News and Events

November 2005  from Wally the Wanderer

In opening, I would like to thank Bob The Tourist for providing the medium through which I can write about one of my favorite places, that being the province of Ontario. I have lived on Ontario for the majority of my life but have been fortunate to live in, work in, vacation in or just visit all Provinces in Canada and probably half of the States below the 49th, besides several islands in the Caribbean.

 Canadians are envied worldwide for the great country in which they live and my aim is to share stories and thoughts on part of that great country, my home Province of Ontario. I have also had the privilege to spend 10 years of my life living in the Atlantic Provinces and hold a memorable affection for that part of the country.

 The purpose of this article is not to key in any one location in Ontario but to layout what will be presented in future articles.

 While many people in our country view Ottawa with disdain, for political reasons only, where is there a more beautiful city in the spring, with the tulips in bloom. Or how about in the winter when you take your skates and glide up the Rideau Canal from the Parliament Buildings to Dow Lake stopping for a hot chocolate or world famous Beaver Tail from one of the kiosks along the way.

 By the way have you ever seen the Cat City behind the Parliament Buildings, thatísí a story in itself.

 How many people have taken the beautiful drive across Highway 60 from Renfrew through Algonquin Park and on to Huntsville, breathtaking in the fall when the colors are out, but watch out for the moose.

 Going north from Huntsville up Hwy. 11, I have only been as far as the Kap, but the history is fabulous, you could stop in any of the small towns for a whole day and come away with an education which unfortunately we did not get through our school days.

 The trip around Lake Superior is gorgeous, I have a story about a beautiful little town called Rossport, which reminds me so much of the many small fishing villages in the Maritimes. We have only taken the Superior trip once but it is in the plans again in the next few years. How many people know the connection between Winnie the Pooh and White River?

 Going back to Ottawa along the St. Lawrence we have taken many 8 or 9-hour trips from Gananoque to just north of Toronto. We go out of our way just to take the five or ten minute ferry ride from Glenora to Picton and to stop in Bloomfield for an ice cream cone.

 Beautiful little towns all along the way Port Hope, Cobourg, Colbourne, and Trenton and I am sorry if I did not mention your favorite but there are so many of them.

 Hogtown as they call it, while it does get its share of negative press, is one of the most entertaining multi-cultural cities in the world. If you canít find something to your liking there on any weekend, then I donít know what you like for entertainment.

 Head away from Toronto around Lake Ontario and through the Niagara Peninsula and you will visit one of the most largest tourist areas in the province, who in Ontario has not seen the Falls with all itís many attractions. A wonderful place to visit, picnic, bicycle, golf, walk, people watch, take in the theatre or whatever is your pleasure.  

Between the Niagara Peninsula and Windsor there is so much, again many, many attractive little towns, each with something of its own to offer to make a stop worthwhile.

 We had the great opportunity to spend a weekend on Pelee Island this year, what can I say other than why did we wait until this year, itís in the books for another visit, real soon.

 In area north of London, along the shores of Lake Huron up to the Tub, you could spend a week touring and want to go back again to see what you missed. Is there a prettier town than Bayfield anywhere in Ontario, I just wish once I could find a place to stay when passing through, it is always so busy.

 The south shore of Georgian Bay, again the ice cream is worth the trip to Thornbury, a beautiful drive with some small towns which would make a great place to live.

 North of Toronto up in Muskoka, we just love to pack a picnic and sit by the Big Chute or the Falls in Bala to enjoy a beautiful view on a warm sunny summer day. Again so many picturesque spots and wonderful small towns to visit.

 I know I have missed mentioning your favorite place but maybe next time.

 If you get the feeling I get a high from driving around Ontario and stopping in the small towns, you could not be more correct.

 Our idea of a great summer weekend consists of picking a town with a summer theatre in close proximity, a nice bed and breakfast and taking in the sites.

 In the winter time we are traveling Southern Ontario with our curling involvement and we get to see the other side of the coin and what the small towns have to offer at that time of the year.

 Try it you may like it, until the next time.